Development expertise that your organisation deserves

Sometimes your organisation needs some external advice or support to clarify an issue, to re-engineer some delivery mechanisms, undertake a health check or you are a new senior manager and you want to change things.  In all cases having someone experienced alongside you or your organisation can create the kind of project impact which will bring about success and empowerment of staff … which in turn helps your Members and Donors.

We are more than Just a Membership organisation

At MemNet, we have a vast network of some of the UK’s leading organisations, our membership count is rising from our original 34 members (250 in 2015). In short, we provide a unique service that is both wholly unique and utterly essential for growth and success. Join our varied and vibrant community today for access to reams of information, events to attend for information and great opportunities for networking.

Our Talented Team

At MemNet we have a small but highly focussed core team which is complemented by our Approved Associates.  We are proud of our team and we encourage you to get in touch with them.

Our Partners


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