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What could be better than being part of a network of people just like you who work for similar organisations and who deal with common issues each and every day ? … imagine being able to solve your daily challenges by asking your dedicated MemNet support team or your MemNet Member colleagues and getting the answers you need quickly and in the right context.

Being a Member of MemNet will widen your professional network and ensure you excel in your role.

But it doesn’t stop there, we also offer other additional benefits of membership which have been developed in liaison with our Members or by listening to our Members.

Membership Type

FREE Subscriber Membership

A free subscriber membership for individuals working within the membership, association, charity and NFP sectors. No access to Member Only resources.

Receive information about our FREE resources

Keep up to date with our events programme

Access early bird discounts for Non-Members

Gain access to benefits at Free Subscriber prices

Attend our free open events

Feed in to sector wide debates

Offer support to network colleagues via Q&A

Inclusive Membership

Annual fee for 12 months membership for staff employed within organisations in the membership, association, charity and NFP sectors.

Be part of a leading network of like-minded professionals

Increase your professional support network

Priority event attendance and consultancy

Keep up-to-date on sector issues

High level networking

Distributed information

Increased profile and influence

All Inclusive Membership

Annual fee for 12 months membership for unlimited number of staff employed within organisations in the membership, association, charity and NFP sectors.

As Individual Membership, plus the following:

Unlimited number of employed staff registered

All registered staff have access to benefits

Members Area access for all registered staff

Priority event attendance and consultancy

Discounted support products

Discounted in-house master classes

Membership Enhancements & Corporate Partner Programme

Private Sector Partner Programme

If you are a private company delivering products and/or services in to the sector you should be thinking about joining the MemNet Corporate Partner Programme (CPP).  Our CPP helps your organisation raise its profile, gain unique and focussed access to some of the sector’s leading people and widen its market footprint.  Being part of the CPP has an annual cost, but gives you free (yes free) access to MemNet managed events and also provides opportunities to market your products and services.  As a partner we will also ensure that you direct access to our CEX to help ensure you are gaining the outcomes you require.  For more information about our Corporate Partner Programme click below or contact James Jeynes, Chief Executive directly by email to to organise a discussion around your corporate needs.

We are more than Just a Membership organisation

At MemNet, we have a vast network of some of the UK’s leading organisations, our membership count is rising from our original 34 members (250 in 2015). In short, we provide a unique service that is both wholly unique and utterly essential for growth and success. Join our varied and vibrant community today for access to reams of information, events to attend for information and great opportunities for networking.

Professional Networking

A huge network of like-minded, switched-on people who are willing to support each other and help with your every day challenges

Help a Member Requests

Our unique service which allows Members to ask the network how to solve a particular issue or to ask for recommendations and advice on services and purchases.

Member Directory

Access our secure Member Directory and make direct contact with other Members around common themes, job roles, expertise, recommendations or just to gain some insights.

The MemNet Vault

Our secure zone for accessing Member Only content such as reports, example documentation, presentations, response documents, survey results and much, much more.

Thought Leadership

Be a thought leader and become a recognised authority in specialised fields within your organisation through your links with MemNet and its Member network.

Advertise Job Opportunities

As a MemNet Member you can post jobs on our website for free, or gain access to our recruitment services at discounted rates.

Master Classes

Gain discounted attendance at our schedule of master classes through out the year.  All on subjects that our Members told us they needed support on.

Tailored Events

Discounted or free access to our events which are tailored to Member needs.  If you miss the event, don’t worry, you get a Member Only summary of the main points afterwards.

Current Information

Timely and current information about real topics which you juggle with every day.  Delivered straight to your inbox with options to delve deeper if needed.

Sharing Best Practice

If we find some great best practice (or you tell us about some) and we think other Members would appreciate, we share it around the network so you get to benefit too.

Relevant Publications

If we produce a publication, as a Member, you get it first and free (or at the very least discounted).

Discounted Consultancy

Need to access our dedicated support services ? as a Member you get a discount on our staff day rates … on top of your routine every day support.

Full Time Office

There is always someone around to answer your Member queries, our people are available Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm (ok we admit it, we are sometimes in meetings with Members – but not for long!).

Induction Meeting

When you join we will offer you the option of a meeting to discuss what you want from your membership with us.  Whether that is a conference call, Skype or a face-to-face meeting we will be in touch by arrangement with you.


Through the curation and dissemination of information you can benchmark yourself against the highest performers in the sector.

Sector Insights

If we get to know about something good or an issue within the sector, we tell you as soon as we find out.  Up to the minute information when you need it.

So why join a network ? lets hear from a MemNet Member

Brian is Chair of the Doncaster Business Owners membership network and The Fruit Tree Network, both successful organisations in the business world which work on membership fundamentals.  Here Brian gives a view on the value of being in a network.