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MemNet was born in 2009 out of small email group which made an observation of the way that organisations function across the board. We came to the conclusion that much more needs to be done to maintain and expand the success of our target organisations in austere times. There is a collective need for acquiring and retaining members and a wealth of skills available to do just that. We have more than 24 years experience of network creation, organisational consultation and working with organisations, during which we worked with over 100 organisations and helped create robust and sustainable success models.  During this time, we learned every nook and cranny of the industry and the ways that work and don’t work. We’re perfectly poised, then, to deal with every kind of organisation hiccup and have accumulated a vast network of practitioners expertise from which you can drawn information, support and connections

Hi I’m James. And I am happy to help.

James is the Chief Executive of MemNet and its Founder Member.  More importantly James is just like you, a professional working within a sector for which there is no formal qualification or training.  James saw a real need for networking, support and member driven research/events around membership and association management issues.  In light of this, James launched MemNet in 2008 with help from the sector’s leading Training Consultant, Sue Froggatt.

For over 25 years James has been working within the membership, association, charity and NFP sectors as a senior manager.  At SOLACE (Society of Local Authority Chief Executives) he had a number of senior roles over a 21 year period including developing the commercial arm SOLACE International, managing all of the organisations membership and event services and delivering contractual relationships with partner organisations.  Whilst at SOLACE International he worked overseas in South Africa, France, Switzerland, UAE, Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad for organisations such as the World Bank, UNDP, USAID and the UK Department for International Development.  From 1996 to 2013 he was also Head of Secretariat for the Association of Chief Executives of Public Bodies (ACE) which was delivered through Cabinet Office under the management of Sir Gus O’Donnell KCB, Cabinet Secretary and Dr Vanessa Lawrence CB, then Director General of Ordnance Survey.

James has a passion for membership and to ensure he remains current, he still believes in spending as much time as possible with real membership bodies and associations.  Until March 2018 he served as a part time Executive Director (CEO) for the UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) which complemented his role as CEX of MemNet.  James has created and developed a number of businesses in his career and is currently Owner of the Football Argument Ltd.  For his services to membership James was awarded Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts.  In his spare time James is a Board Trustee for The Lewis Jeynes Fund and the Batten Disease Family Association.  If you would like to discuss your needs with James please ring 020 3012 0031 or email him directly at james@memnet.org.uk

Our Talented Team

At MemNet we have a small but highly focussed core team which is complemented by our Approved Associates.  We are proud of our team and we encourage you to get in touch with them.
  • James Jeynes FRSA
  • Colin Jeynes FRSA
  • Richard Jeynes
  • Mike Zywina
  • Lucy Jeynes
  • Rik Courtney

We Are Ready to Help You

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Our Clients Say

  • The membership fee has given me access to a broader view of the sector through the experts that MemNet provides.  I can safely say the £75 I pay to be a Member is saving my organisation ten times that in time saving !

    Director GeneralMembership Association
  • MemNet provides me with an external verifier role, I can ring the office and check that what I am doing has been tried elsewhere and works ... invaluable support !

    DirectorMembership Organisation
  • We took the brave step of having a Peer Review from MemNet and it enabled us to establish some realities we had not appreciated.  Well worth the time spent analysing ourselves and has improved the organisation no-end.

    Chief ExecutiveRoyal Chartered Membership Body

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