Who are we. A creative thought provoking support network for you.
MemNet was born in 2008 out of small email group which made an observation of the way that organisations function across the sector.  We came to the conclusion that much more needs to be done to support, maintain and expand the success of our sector organisations in challenging times.  There is a collective need for acquiring and retaining members and we have a wealth of skills available to do just that.  We have more than 27 years experience of network creation, organisational consultation and strategic advice.  In those 27 years, we worked with over 200 organisations and helped create robust and sustainable success models.  During this time, we have looked in every nook and cranny of the industry and explored the ways that work and don’t work.  We’re perfectly poised, then, to deal with every kind of organisational hiccup and have accumulated a vast network of practitioners expertise from which you can drawn information, support and advice.

Our Talented Team

At MemNet we have a small but highly focussed core team which is complemented by our Approved Associates.  We are proud of our team and we encourage you to get in touch with us to make use of their talents.  We currently have experts in several key areas:

  • Lorcan – MemNet Associate for Data Protection and Information Governance
  • Lucy – MemNet Associate for Strategy, Mentoring, Coaching and Operations
  • Richard – MemNet Associate for Data Protection and Information Governance
  • Rik – MemNet Associate for Social Media
  • Sonia – MemNet Associate for corporate partners and sponsorship support
  • Jason – MemNet Associate for IT systems and reviews
  • APT – Group of talented individuals who can advise on many items

All of our Associates have exemplary track records in their respective fields.

For deployment details and a discussion around your needs, please ring 020 3012 0031 or email hq@memnet.org.uk

Our Partners