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For all its perks, being a membership organisation, an association, a charity or an NFP can present some obstacles. We’d wager, however, that a network of like-minded people is a great step towards overcoming these problems through sharing experiences and accomplishing even more for your organisation. This is where we come in: MemNet is the UK’s leading networking organisation for membership bodies, associations, charities and NFP’s, which basically means we are the best at providing support, insights and professional services to anyone involved in or working alongside our sector.  If you would like support, we can give it to you … just get in touch and we guarantee the experience will be positive for you and your organisation.  Why not sign up for a free subscriber membership, by CLICKING HERE.  We do offer pay-for memberships which allow you access to a host of benefits, just get in touch for more details or click on Membership for more details.


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What can MemNet, the leading networking organisation in the sector, provide for you and your organisation? Click to find out how.

We offer vital, personalised support on:

  • Transformation

    Transformation – every organisation will undergo some form of transformation in each and every year, we can help.

  • Discovery Techniques

    We can help you create a new discovery strategy which ensures people have the best opportunity to find your organisation.

  • Recruitment and Retention

    Getting people to join your organisation and keeping them there are two different things; we can make you excel at both.

  • Engagement

    Helping you to develop and deliver clever and attractive engagement programmes for your Members.

We are more than Just a Membership organisation

At MemNet, we have a vast network of some of the UK’s leading organisations, our membership count is rising from our original 34 members (4000+ now). In short, we provide a unique service that is both wholly unique and utterly essential for growth and success. Join our varied and vibrant community today for access to reams of information, events to attend for information and great opportunities for networking.

Legacy Giving Essentials - 10 January 2019

Chris Millward, Director at Legacy Giving Expert delivered this 45 minute webinar giving 10 tips on how to be more successful in this area. The webinar was delivered on 10 January 2019.

Ten Strategic Considerations for Effective Event Delivery - 4 December 2018

Rob Eveleigh, Managing Director of Brightelm talks to MemNet Members about how to run effective events. Webinar was recorded on Tuesday 4th December 2018.

Increasing Revenue Outside Membership - 13 November 2018

A first class webinar delivered by MemNet Associate, Gordon Glenister. This webinar was delivered on 13 November 2018.

We Are Specialists in These Sectors


Membership organisations typically have a particular purpose, which involves connecting people together around a particular profession, industry, activity, interest, mission or geographical location.

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A trade association, also known as an industry trade group, business association or sector association, is an organisation founded and funded by businesses that operate in a specific industry.

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A ‘charity’ is an institution which is established for charitable purposes only and is subject to the control of the High Court’s charity law jurisdiction.

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Not For Profit

A Not-for-Profit organisation is an organisation that uses its surplus revenues to further achieve its purpose or mission, rather than distributing its surplus income to the organisation's shareholders (or equivalents) as profit or dividends

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